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Punjab Karva Chauth Moon Rise and Sighting Time News In India

Today Karva Chauth 2018 Moon Time Muhurat In Every City of India

Today Karva Chauth 2018 Moon Time In India- Delhi Mumbai  – Karva chaith is the very auspicious occasion celebrated by the every couple In India who followed the Hindu religion. On Karva chuath people do fast for their husband for his long life and this festival and process for fasting for their husband is very tradition and the fasting process for the husband is very old in the Hindu religion. in this post we will tell you the exact information about the Moon rise and moon sighting time In India. we will tell you the karva chauth moon rise time in North india, South India, West India and East India. the time for moon on karva chauth is different in all over the India. and it may be possible due to bad weather you will not be able to sighting the moon but don’t worry we will tell you the excat time when the moon will rise on karva chauth at your location.

Karva Chauth Moon Rising Time 2018

Below are the Time, When karva chauth will rise in the below city of India. Just check out your city Karva chauth time.

City Time
Delhi  8:52 Pm
Mumbai  8:50 Pm
Bangalore  8:52 Pm
Chennai  8:50 Pm
Chandigarh  8:52 Pm
Kolkata  8:50 Pm
Punjab  8:52 Pm
Srinagar  8:50 Pm
Ranchi  8:50 Pm
Gurgaon  8:49 Pm
Mangalor  8:49 Pm
Dehradun  8:49 Pm
Meerut  8:49 Pm
Himachal pradesh  8:49 Pm
Navi Mumbai  8:52 Pm
Uttar Pradesh  8:55 Pm
Uttarakhand  8:55 Pm
Shimla  8:55 Pm
Gujarat  8:52 Pm
Gandhi Nagar  8:55 Pm
Haridwar  8:55 Pm
Rishikesh  8:55 Pm
Kashmir  8:55 Pm
Bareilly  8:52 Pm
Moradabad  8:55 Pm
Gorakhpur  8:55 Pm
Kanpur  8:52 Pm
Dhanbad  8:49 Pm
Asamsole  8:49 Pm
Rampure  8:52 Pm
Rudrapure  8:50 Pm
Udaipur  8:50 Pm
Jalgaon  8:52 Pm
Bhagalpure  8:50 Pm
Madhya Pradesh  8:52 Pm
Rajasthan  8:50 Pm
Ujjain  8:52 Pm
Jhansi  8:50 Pm
Jammu  8:52 Pm

Note – 

  • The above time is applicable In India Only and Neither applicable for any foreign country nor for nepal. Just predict your country time for karva chauth moon rising by comparing above karva chauth time In India.
  • If you are Doing fast for your partner then you can’t eat anything or nor you can drink even a drop of water
  • Before Doing karva chauth fast, Just read all the karva chauth fast procedure.

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